Leave them alone…

July 25th, 2007


…and they’ll follow us home, wagging their tails behind them*.

I never understood the argument that if the USA pulls its military out of Iraq, Al Qaeda will follow the troops home.

I think Al Qaeda knows how to use Google Maps and they may be many things, but they aren’t dumb. It’s an age old strategem to use misdirection and lead the enemy to one place while you strike them in another. The best time for Al Qaeda to strike the USA, therefore, is while most of its troops are in the Middle East!

It strikes me that 9-11 was more about playing the stock-market than anything else. If it really had been about attacking the USA, surely there would have been several attacks since.

So if they haven’t attacked the USA since 2001, it’s because they haven’t wanted to. Could it be that the average insurgent really does just want the USA to piss off home? Or could it be that the average insurgent is up for a fight in the post-Saddam melee and USA troops are just another faction in a civil war that became inevitable as soon as the USA got rid of the guy with the big moustache.

You can’t create a power vacuum in a state that’s been held together by brutality and not expect an implosion. The civil war was going to happen. I don’t believe having the troops of the USA and other nations there helps the people of Iraq. They are just another faction in a messy faction fight. Perhaps they should just pull out, let the civil war take its course and then enter into diplomatic relations with whoever wins.

Why not? Everyone’s pals with Gadaffi now.

But staying in Iraq isn’t going to keep terrorists out of the USA, Britain or anywhere else if that’s where they want to commit atrocities. If they are fighting in Iraq, it’s because that’s where they want to fight.

 *I don’t believe Muslims have tails.

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