Justification for the war in Iraq: Version 3

July 18th, 2007


1. Weapons of Mass Destruction
“Iraq continues to deny it has any WMD, though no serious intelligence service anywhere in the world believes them.”
(Tony Blair, 18th March 2003)

Whereas both the intelligence branch of the Royal Guild of Jesters and the Clown Intelligence Agency did believe them, but nobody would listen.

2. Regime Change and Establishing Democracy
“Who will say that Iraq was better off when Saddam Hussein was strutting and killing or that the world was safer when he held power?”
(George Bush, 19th November, 2003)

Let’s see…

Pre March 2003: a few Iraqis killing a bunch of Iraqis (with weapons supplied by the West) but, barring a short incursion into Kuwait, pretty much leaving the rest of the world alone.

Post May 2003 (remember the “Mission Accomplished” banner on the USS Abraham Lincoln?): four years (and counting) of civil war, a whole bunch of Iraqis and other Arabs killing a whole bunch of other Iraqis and other Arabs, more than 100,000 civilians dead, consequent acts of terrorism in Spain and the UK. Hmmmm…

3. Denying Al-Qaeda a Safe Haven
“I believe we can be in a different position in a while, and that would be to have enough troops there to guard the territorial integrity of that country, enough troops there to make sure that al Qaeda doesn’t gain safe haven from which to be able to launch further attacks against the United States of America…”
(George Bush, 10th July 2007)

If memory serves me well, Al Qaeda didn’t have a safe haven in Iraq prior to May 2003.

Still it’s nice to see consistency in the reasons for the war, but just in case they run out, I’ve taken the liberty of proposing other reasons that they can use in the future:

4. Look guys, we still need oil and if we pull out, our buddies in big business will lose control of the oil in Iraq.

5. If we pull out, we’ll look like a bunch of idiots who stupidly put a field army up against insurgents. We don’t want to look like we learned nothing from Viet Nam and Northern Ireland, so we’re staying and hoping that the bad guys go away.

6. We’re staying until the job is done and since we can’t make our minds up what the job actually is, we’re just staying.

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