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July 18th, 2007


I hate Flash intros.

The clue is in the name… they are all flash and no substance.

Why do commercial web sites still use Flash intros? What business value do they add?

If I go to*, it’s because I want information about navel lint removal or I want to purchase or rent a navel lint remover (if it’s an object) or hire the services of a navel lint remover (if it’s a person).

  • Information
  • Product
  • Service

That’s it.

When I go into Navel Lint Removers’ high street premises in person, do I want to wade through dancers and an orchestra and performing seals licking the lint out of each other’s navels? Hmmm… maybe dancers licking the lint out of each other’s navels


I want get straight to the information, product and service.

This is why the vast majority of people hit that “Skip Intro” button. Although I have heard of a small but dedicated group of Flash Intro spotters who gather round computers wearing anoraks and drinking tea from thermos flasks**.

Don’t companies realise that Flash intros are nothing more than the use of technology “because we can”?

If you really think your Flash intro is that great, hide it and have a “Play Flash Intro… You won’t be disappointed!” button.

* Don’t bother clicking. There is no such website***.

** No, I haven’t. Nobody likes Flash intros!

** Hmmm… possible market opening…

One Response to “Skip it”

  1. Mongoon 06 Aug 2007 at

    Even worse… landing pages.

    I go to and I get a page that says “click here to enter”

    Do they have an air-lock at their shop?

    And log-in redirects that say “thanks for logging in if you’re not re-directed in 10 seconds click here” Then they put a 5 second timer on it to give you time to read it. Just re-direct me instantly! (And leave a message saying “click here if you can read this message”)

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