Sikh and ye shall find!

June 26th, 2007


I love the TV series “Scrubs“. It’s one of the sharpest comedies I’ve ever seen, so imagine my disappointment when they made the lazy American mistake of assuming that anyone who wears a cloth on their head can be labelled as being somewhat Middle Eastern. I’m referring to the episode titled “My Rite of Passage” in Season 5 (yes, I’m behind).

During that episode, Elliot is sitting in the cafeteria watching Chris and Carla Turk engaging in excessive kissing and she says: “I’m a little sick of the Turks.” At this point a Sikh doctor turns round to protest and Elliot says to him: “Not you, Omar. I love your people.”

I am so disappointed in Bill Lawrence (although his mistake is not remotely as bad as that of Frank Silva Roque, who murdered a Sikh in Arizona in 2001 in revenge for the 9/11 atrocity). But perhaps it’s my own fault for placing Mr. Lawrence on so high a pedestal in the first place.

Anyway, for all you Americans out there, this is a photo of a Sikh:

A Sikh gentleman. Not an Arab, not a Turk, not an Afghan. A Sikh.

This is what Turks look like (well, some of them anyway):


So the lesson is: Not everyone who wears a piece of cloth on their head is from the Middle East. Some examples…

My brain hurts!

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