Mexican Killed By Lion & Tiger On Rooftop

June 5th, 2007


As sad as this tale is, it is part of our human nature to find humour within tragedy.

According to an article on the Sky News website, a man in Mexico city was mauled to death by a lion and a tiger on the roof of a meat-packing plant. He knew they were there. In fact, he was looking after them.

I quote from the article:
“It was not clear what the animals were doing on the roof of the meat-packing plant.”

Erm, casing the joint, perhaps?

What was he thinking, though?

“Where can I keep these highly dangerous, carnivorous, big cats? I know, on top of a building where the smell of fresh meat will drive them insane!”

Sky News helpfully provided a photo of a lion and tiger together, just in case we weren’t sure what they were talking about. However, the article could have done with photos of a Mexican, a rooftop and some meat being packed, just to keep things clear.

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