Why, God? Why???

June 5th, 2007


After more than a decade of CD-ROM drives and their descendents being common features of a desktop computer, why, oh why, have the designers not figured out that the buttons ought to be above the damned tray and not below it?

Button under tray

Button under tray

One Response to “Why, God? Why???”

  1. wychwoodon 07 Jun 2007 at

    Thank you, Nobby – at last, at last something has been said!

    This bizarre design flaw is a source of frustration to me every time I need to put a CD or DVD into the comp! Generally i just roll my eyes and sigh heavily but today…to those designers who put the button where it is I say

    Ah, that felt good…g:)

    (g = bonnet of smugness)

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