Lying Bastards!

February 27th, 2007

First they told us they were going in to Iraq to destroy WMD, but they were lying! It was about regime change.

Last December they told us they were putting a tax on airline flights to cover the environmental impact of air travel.

Here are some quotes from Gordon Brown’s pre-budget report:

“The Pre-Budget Report… takes further steps to tackle the global challenges of climate change, including an increase in all rates of air passenger duty with effect from 1 February 2007, in recognition of the environmental costs of flying…”

“The Government recognises the role that air passenger duty can play in tackling the climate change impact of aviation…” Erm, what role is that exactly?

“[the APD] will deliver carbon savings of around 0.3 MtC a year by 2010-11…” Erm, how exactly?

Isn’t it amazing how they glibly say something like that? “We’ll raise a tax and that will somehow magically fix global warming.”

Not only that, but the tax is applied equally to all airlines, regardless of whether a particular airline is greener or not. Some airlines have more modern planes which pollute less, yet they get hammered just as much as airlines which use older, more polluting planes.

It turns out, however, that this new tax is not actually going to be targeted at climate projects. No, it’s all going in to the general coffers.


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