ETA Claims “Permanent” Ceasefire Still in Place

January 10th, 2007


According to an article on the BBC news website, the Basque separatist group ETA have claimed responsibility for the bomb that went off in a car park in Barajas Airport (Madrid) on 30th December. In the same statement, it seems the ETA spokesman confirmed that the “permanent ceasefire”, announced by the group last March, is still in place.

In further news from the Basque Country, an eighteen year-old girl had sex for the first time at a New Year’s Eve party in Bilbao. In a recent┬ástatement to the press, she claimed full responsibility for the sexual act and affirmed that her virginity was still in place.

Meanwhile the Basque Vegetarian Society (Euskadi Gizarte Barazkijale) hosted their AGM and dinner-dance where members enjoyed a delicious steak dinner. “We are still vegetarians,” the Society’s president announced.

A Basque woman wearing a basque yesterday.

2 Responses to “ETA Claims “Permanent” Ceasefire Still in Place”

  1. M-T-Mon 11 Jan 2007 at

    And I ate foie gras, duck, goose-fat roasted potatoes, a ton of chocolate, several kilos of fudge, and my own weight in cheese this christmas – but I’m still thin!

  2. Declan Chellaron 11 Jan 2007 at

    Is there that much cheese in the world?

    Not any more. I guess.

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