The criminalisation of pregnant women

June 25th, 2011


No fifteen-year-old chooses to become a cocaine-addict.

When a fifteen-year-old becomes addicted to drugs and gets pregnant, she is in desperate need of help, especially when she wants to carry the foetus to term.

When a fifteen-year-old becomes addicted to drugs and gets pregnant and loses the baby, she is in desperate need of help and consolation, not judgement or punishment.

But punishment in the form of life in prison is what the state of Mississippi has in mind for her.

Religious fanatics of all stripes, throughout history, have had one thing in common, regardless of the nature of their religion: they have a burning desire to punish other people – and if they cannot find something for which to punish people, they will make something up.

Such people are filled with a self-hatred that they cannot face, so they turn it on other people. Such people feel glee when they think of other people being punished for eternity. Such people cannot wait for eternity to come, however, so they also take glee in punishing people temporally also.

When you are not particularly religious and you hate yourself, you walk into a school and shoot it up. But when you are religious, you find new ways to inflict hurt on others and call it “punishment”.

Hate-filled, pathetic examples of how low on its belly the human race can crawl. The Taliban are not restricted to Afghanistan, it seems.

Couple those haters with ambitious prosecutors who seek to convict as many as possible for… whatever… and you have the story of the¬†criminalisation¬†of pregnant women.

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