Charges Against Saddam Dropped

January 8th, 2007


It seems that the Iraqi High Tribunal has dropped the remaining charges against Saddam Hussein (BBC report).

Well, it’s good to see that they have a grasp of the fundamentals of jurisprudence, such as having a living defendant. Still, I think they’re sending the wrong message out to dead dictators everywhere. Next someone will find a mass grave in Romania but no one will be arsed bringing charges against Nicolae CeauÅŸescu.

What is the world coming to?

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  1. Mongoon 13 Jan 2007 at

    Bush ( and Blair ( have both expressed regret at the manner of Saddam’s execution, but not over the fact that it was carried out at all. Very brave Mr Blair, so do you sanction the death penalty or not? Or just not for English people?
    And how dare Bush criticise the manner of execution? What was missing for him? Did he want him stripped, smeared in excrement and attached to wires like a good Abu Ghraib in-mate? Did he find the balclavas on the guards distasteful compared to the mugging for the camera that charaterizes American torturers?
    Given these strongly held views that executions require decorum, why does Texas (where Mr Bush oversaw most of his 154 executions) refuse to even confirm whether they have a standard for exeution (don’t worry, they DO have a standard for animal euthanasia).
    Does he object to the videoing of the event? So why did he allow his first federal execution to be televised via closed circuit TV to allow hundreds of people to witness the execution rater than the statutory handful?
    Was the execution method too cruel? Mr Bush, your executioners use a drug that is banned for vetinary euthanasia because it is considered inhumane. Do they do this to make the execution less distresing for the subjet? No it is to stop spasms during a botched execution which might distress the witnesses (
    Was it not swift and clinical enough? Try these American executions and
    George W Bush, you have to admire him, whether it’s for stalwart ignorance or monuental brass-neck

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