January 28th, 2011


When people send text messages to each other via their mobile phones it is called “texting”. When people send each other sexually charged messages via their mobile phones it is called “sexting”.

Semtexting: (n) When terrorists use a mobile phone to detonate a bomb and trigger the detonator by sending a text message to the phone.

Sometimes semtexting works out very nicely indeed.

Fly, child of mine! Be free!

3 Responses to “Semtexting”

  1. wychwoodon 08 Feb 2011 at

    OH, I hate monments like these, when you have to burst an inventive bubble.:( However, I have undergone the Someone Else Invented My Invention too, so pain has been experienced… :(. Universal Consciousness Syndrome strikes again!
    Yes, tgn, it is a most excellent linguistic invention, but someone did get there ahead of you…:

    Please be consoled insofar as:
    – this author is one of the funniest writers/journos around, so you’re in great company.
    – the more people use their brains this way, the higher the standard of comedy writing gets.
    -great minds think alike.

  2. wychwoodon 08 Feb 2011 at

    Oh NONONO!

    Have just checked dates! You got in first!
    Kudos and ignore my post!! Apologies.

    But great minds still think alike!!

  3. Declan Chellaron 08 Feb 2011 at

    Yes, I did. :)

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