September 17th, 2010


His holey-ness, the pope, would have you believe that people like me (atheists, that is, not bloggers) are akin to Nazis.

He has used phrases like “atheist extremism”, “aggressive forms of secularism” and made reference to “a Nazi tyranny that wished to eradicate God from society”. He also pointed out the Nazis treatment of the Jews.

This is from a man who presides over an organisation which:

  • Perpetrated torture as an official part of its practise until the early 19th Century
  • Has perpetrated genocide on Cathars, Byzantines, Jews and Muslims or anyone else who disagreed with it
  • Was complicit in the rise of the Nazis
  • Was silent on Nazi treatment of the Jews during WWII
  • Wants to make a saint of the very pope who was complicit with the Nazis
  • Supported fascism in Spain
  • Until 1964 considered the Jewish people collectively responsible for the death of Jesus Christ
  • In 2000 made Thomas More patron saint of lawyers, despite the fact that he had many English people tortured to death in his capacity as a Cardinal of the Church
  • Encourages the death of ignorant African Catholics by telling them that condoms spread AIDS
  • Continues to sell indulgences to this day
  • Has systematically protected perpetrators of child rape

Fascists in Spain are, and have always been, Catholic.

It is also disingenuous to imply that the Nazis were following some atheist agenda. The Nazis massacred people because they were lunatics, not because some of them were atheists.

It is true that some of history’s atrocities have been committed by atheists. It is also true that many of history’s atrocities were carried out by the Catholic Church in the name of their imaginary friend in the sky.

To imply a connection between me and Hitler, while saying that the Church’s own evil past (and present) is just history, is the height of scumbaggery.

Mr. Ratzinger, you are a contemptible fraud. You almost make me wish there was a hell.

Nazi belt-buckle from WWII with the slogan "GOD WITH US".

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