I’ll think three times…

September 10th, 2010


So does Pakistan want help or not?

In a recent post I expressed disappointment in myself for not responding more quickly to Pakistan’s pleas for financial aid in the aftermath of the flooding. But now I am starting to wonder if they deserved my help at all.

First they prevent Israelis and Indians from going to Pakistan to help with the flood relief efforts: Pakistan refuses relief work visas for Indians and Israelis

Then they discriminate against Christians when it comes to aid distribution: ASIA/PAKISTAN – Discrimination in aid: incidents and testimonies

Now some of them are finding the time to burn US flags in response to that idiot Terry Jones’s threats to burn the Koran. Fight idiocy with idiocy, seems to be the method.

The question that is annoying the crap out of me is this: Why are these people spending their time burning American flags when they should be taking the hard-earned money I sent them to help their compatriots in their time of need.

If Pakistan prioritises keeping out Indian and Israeli volunteers, and burning American flags, over helping their own people, then I’ll think three times before sending my cash over there in the future.

As for prioritising Muslims over non-Muslims when it comes to distributing emergency supplies, I didn’t send my €100 over on the condition that it only be spent on atheists! Stop fucking about!

I’m disgusted.

Some Pakistanis would rather spend time burning US flags than helping their own flood victims.

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