Dear God…

January 12th, 2010

You must really love irony!

I somehow get the feeling that the underlying energy in the universe is irony. Did You know that in 2008 (in a clear reference to the Book of Leviticus 18:22) the Northern Ireland Minister for Bringing Down the Peace Process Because She Was Horny claimed that homosexuality was an abomination? Of course You did. You’re omniscient.

But isn’t Leviticus the same book that forbids adultery? Oh, wait! It’s only wrong for a man to lie carnally with his neighbour’s wife. There doesn’t seem to be anything stopping the wife from lying with whomever she fancies. In any case, I’m not sure they actually were neighbours.

What would constitute a neighbour in this case? Same street? Same post code?

Hang on! I’ve just spotted that You addressed Leviticus only to the children of Israel!

So Iris is in the clear!

And so are all non-Jewish gay men (by the way, You forgot to mention comfortable shoes in Leviticus).

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