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Racism in Ireland: Part 2

December 25th, 2011

I have not posted anything here lately and I was thinking about de-commissioning this blog when I received a very direct and open comment on my post “Racism in Ireland“.

It is rare to see such passion and honesty expressed, so in addition to approving the comment against the original post, I thought I would reproduce it here:

You are a filthy mongrel, you are not irish, it is a matter of blood, not culture or belief.
Maybe you should blame your whore of a mother for why she fucked some subhuman indian nigger.

You mentioned too names, they are DISGUSTING examples of the perverse suicide cult of liberalism in this day and age. Filthy nigger animals travel to ireland, impregnate dumb whores with bastard children, and then fuck off somewhere else.

Anyways, get a clue, liberalism is not reality.

Prose worthy of any of the great Irish writers.

I would say, however, that my father is not an “indian nigger”. He is a Sri Lankan nigger, as I am a half Sri Lankan nigger. Although I would further say I prefer the epithets “blackie” and “nig-nog”, both of which were applied to me by some of my compatriots until, oddly enough, I learned the ability to kick someone in the coccyx and have it emerge through one or the other of their nostrils (the real art is in choosing which nostril).

What’s more, my father did not “fuck off somewhere else”, but is still living in Ireland.

Unfortunately, the commenter forgot to leave his name. Which is a shame. I am sure many Irish people would love to know who among them is capable of such deep reflection, courage and lyrical expression.

I hope the commenter will be submitting a DNA sample to the DNA Ancestry Project, so that the scientific world can marvel at such a rate example of pure Irish descendency.

Happy Christmas.