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Musing #48

July 29th, 2010

Men don’t bat an eyelid when another man gets his willy out in a public toilet, but when he does it at bar, they freak out. Double standards.

To shave a monkey

July 28th, 2010

To shave a monkey

Concept: any effort put into producing an unconvincing fake is wasted effort.

It takes a lot of effort to shave a monkey because they don’t like it and they are very nimble. The result, even with a perfect shave, is clearly not a man, so the effort is wasted. Analogous to “polish a turd”.

Let’s not waste any more time on that project – we’re just shaving a monkey.

Dear God…

July 5th, 2010

After observing several religions over the course of time I have concluded that you, the alleged all powerful and ever-living creator of the universe, care mostly about:

  • What gender one is
  • What type of hat one wears
  • How one trims one’s beard (or not)
  • How long one’s hair is
  • One’s tailor
  • What one eats
  • What one does not eat
  • How one kills what one eats
  • What day of the week it is
  • What arbitrarily-boundaried country one was born in
  • How many buildings one erects
  • What style of building one erects
  • How fancy the paintings are in the buildings one erects
  • How much skin one has on one’s penis
  • Whether one’s mother was the same religion as one

However, to judge by the actions of your followers, you care less about:

  • Whether or not one kills other people
  • Whether or not one causes other people to starve
  • Whether or not one subjects other people to the tyranny of one’s views
  • Whether or not one molests children
  • Whether or not one abuses the planet which has been around for billions of years, yet on which one exists for less than one hundred years