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It’s all in the mind

July 13th, 2009

There’s an interesting coincidence of articles on the BBC news website today:

Swearing ‘helps to reduce pain’

Pain in childbirth ‘a good thing’

Give me a fucking epidural!

Oh, wait. I don’t need it any more.

Cat talk

July 8th, 2009

For years now, one of my cats has been in the habit of standing in the hallway miaowing in quite a plaintive way after using the litter tray.

I used to think she was in distress, but she never exhibited any physical signs of discomfort.

I sometimes thought she was calling for attention, but she would often do it while I was nearby and then act surprised when I called out to her.

After many years of observation and note-taking, I have finally cracked the code. Her haunting cry translates roughly as:

I’d give it ten minutes if I were you.