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Twenty-five metres can seem like a kilometre

June 27th, 2008

Some time ago, I realised that with each passing year that it was becoming more and more likely that I had less than half my life left, and that led to another realisation.

As we get older we find fewer and fewer new experiences throw themselves at us. If only we could remember the joy and fascination we must have felt for the world when we were six months old! New sounds, new tastes, new smells, everything so new. It’s easy now just to let the familiar haunt us. Is that why time seems to pass more quickly for us as we get older?

The solution is a simple one: seek out novelty.

Not just the transient novelty of listening to a new song or tasting a new cheese.

I mean seek out something new that becomes part of you and results in a new you.

I have various such adventures lined up for myself and I will reveal each one only as it becomes a reality,  rather than a vague aspiration.

Today is such a day. Day I became a different person.

Yesterday, I was someone who had never swum the length of a swimming pool. I never had because I could not. I didn’t have the right technique nor did I know how to breathe properly so that I could last 25 metres.

Today I am a man who can swim 25 metres.

That might not seem much to you but to me it is a world of difference.

Today I am a different man.